How’s your Dutch? Bit rusty at the moment? Same here, but don’t fret – watching a Gijs Blom movie with subtitles is magical all the same.

Earlier this year whilst browsing Netflix I discovered an interesting looking movie in the Gay genre called Jongens (Boys). Ten minutes in and I was hooked; once the credits were rolling, it had become my favourite movie. I began to research it, looking as I always do for more information to feed my addictive appetite. When I came to find that it was just a small-budget television movie from the Netherlands I was surprised, mainly because of its depth of emotion and character involvement, but also because it was so well executed.
The main actor, Gijs Blom, has since become a minor (read: not very minor) obsession of mine. I covet his looks like a pair of shoes in the window at Harrods, and I find myself totally enraptured in his performances. The irritating part is that, however much I Google, 99% of interviews or information that comes up is in Dutch. Here’s what I’ve been able to gather; Blom’s full name is Gijsbrecht Thijmen Matthias Blom (and I thought mine was a handful), born in Amsterdam on January 2 1997, making him only eighteen years old. His first starring (and I might point out, multi-award winning) role was that of Sieger in Boys, but prior to this Blom had smaller roles in movie and television, as well as Dutch voice-overs for films such as Hotel for Dogs. 
As I write this I am listening to Indian Summer, taken from a film in which he had another lead role which I have just watched moments ago. Blom plays Casper in Pijnstillers (Painkillers), adapted from the Carry Slee book of the same name, a heartbreaking yet heartwarming story of the love between a mother and her son, tested when she becomes ill with cancer. I urge you to find and watch this film, however you manage it. It is beautiful and captivating and truly one of the most emotional films I have ever watched, not conforming to cheap gimmicks or cheesy Hollywood plot lines.
Now that the serious part is over, lets just take a moment to appreciate the fact that this guy is seriously beautiful. I haven’t seen evidence of him working as a model yet, which is a sorely missed opportunity and one that should be taken advantage of immediately. Gijs is an unexpected heartthrob, and one for the masses at that. Girls and boys alike will fall for his innocent charm and smile. I hope to see a lot more from him in the future, and just as a pre-warning, once you see a movie of his, you will too. 
– Thomas Marrington



  1. I just watched BOYS and I had to google this boy, he is not cute, he is PEFECT, love the movie the drama and him 😏 hope to know about his work in the future


  2. Alas, he seems to be str8 but that’s okay. Fun and talented and wonderful to look at nevertheless! Loved the Jongens film, simply fantastic!


      1. Yes, indeed! That film has been on my mind for the last 24 hours (1st saw it last night). I woke up this morning feeling enormously wistful for those early days of falling for someone and/or being fallen for. I eagerly hit the web to discover more about this film. What really struck me, and why such a simple little film works so incredibly is the performances, especially our Gijs. The dialogue is extremely spare in this film, the actors are forced to convey much silently, via expression. Gijs and the young actor playing Marc had this down in spades, such subtle performances from each of them! What is even more amazing perhaps is just how different Gijs is from this character, he seems quite the clown off camera! He related a fun story in an interview I read this morning, about how he kept cracking up every time they set out to film a physical or intimate scene. He is mates with Ko, the boy playing Marc, and apparently he found it impossible to maintain a straight face when the two had to get physical. Finally the director had them over to her home for a private rehearsal session, where they spent the evening cuddling, sitting on each other’s laps, and generally becoming quite comfortable touching and being physically close with one another. Too bad they didn’t film THAT session! Can’t wait to view this sweet little film again, definitely a keeper:)


  3. Gijs Blom is amazing. I’m Dutch so fortuately I can watch all his movies with ease and don’t need subs. If you have a chance, you should watch the tv show: 4JIM.

    It’s a 24 episode long series with Gijs Blom as the lead character, and oh boy, he did good. The show is about a 19 year old boy who has leukimia, yet he is cured and wants to spend his summer with his best friends (they are so close, it’s so touching) his brother, and his girlfriend. The way the friends are staying together in heavy times is amazing, cuz not only Jim (Gijs Blom) has problems, but each and everyone expiriences heavy shit.

    The show is about friendship, love, loss and bonds, but besides that there’s also a healthy amount of humor and partying. They really captured the feeling a group of friends can have when they might lose one of their best mates soon. How theyre dealing with such a huge emotional rollercoaster is just fascinating. I recommend it to you so much! It’s just beautiful.


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