Kelly Mittendorf, the feline-esque American model discovered at a swimming pool in Phoenix, is one of the most fascinating faces in fashion.

In the best possible way, when I first saw a photo of Kelly Mittendorf, I was totally taken aback. At a glance, her one-of-a-kind features remind you of what Jocelyn Wildenstein wanted to be; half woman, half cat. Full-lips, hooded-eyes, and bone structure so symmetrical its hard to believe, her face is utterly mesmerising. Her androgynous features are a blessing, perhaps in disguise. 
Take her debut Prada campaign – alabaster skinned, dressed as a sweet femme fatale, she steals the scene in every shot she’s in. You almost feel sorry for the other models. As she told this time last year, in her first ever season she closed the Marc Jacobs show, no mean feat for a fresh-faced model such as herself.
And even though Mittendorf currently studies at Arizona State University, modelling is still very much a part of her life; let’s hope it stays that way for the foreseeable future.
Thomas Marrington

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