H&M jacket, H&M faux leather trousers, F+F t-shirt, Zara sneakers, vintage sunglasses 

Fashion brings out the ugliest side of people. Take this H&M jacket for example; I’d first fingered its eagle embroidery in the Westfield store, nearly buying it on the spot. Foolishness stopped me. Fast track three months later and my darling Mexican sister informs me via iMessage she has bought the very same jacket on sale for £7. 

Shit was about to go down.

After getting the same jacket down South in an 8, the largest size left available, I began a campaign to swap it with my sisters size 12, bought despite her budding Victoria’s Secret figure. It wasn’t easy, it involved tactical insults and the planting of enough seeds of psychological trauma to grow into a full blown complex in the future, but eventually she saw sense (plus the eight really did look better on her). I’ll be totally honest in admitting that seeing her with the jacket made me jelly as helly, but why is that? Purely because I had wanted it once before and she’d been savvy enough to get it for less? Is fashion about one-uppery more than individual style? Three questions I most certainly can’t answer. All I know is when I wear it, I feel like a varsity jock in Top Gun, and that, dear readers, is priceless.

Thomas Marrington


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