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Something I love about having my own platform is the freedom to present and discuss the thinks that I like and inspire me. When I received word from JOYCE, who describe themselves as ‘a vanguard of Asia’s fashion retail’, I was pleasantly surprised to find their campaign for AW15 attached. JOYCE Group teamed up with Giambattista Valli for ‘The Atelier Project’. The campaign shines a light on the process of fashion, rather than just the finished product we see, consume and often take for granted.

In these dreamy, under-the-sea like photos we see the inner workings of the Valli atelier, lensed by Wing Shya, to celebrate 10 years of the designers fashion house. At the heart of it, the campaign explores what haute couture really means and the ‘understanding that each designer’s creation deserves to be treated as a collectible heirloom for the future’.

– Thomas Marrington

Note: Although this was brought to my attention by the JOYCE PR team, this post is in no way sponsored or paid for.


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