I’ll be honest, make up isn’t really my thing. As someone who neither uses it or particularly cares for it, it’s a subject I’ll happily pass by. However when my ultimate style icon and #wcw forever, Caroline de Maigret announced she was collaborating with Lancôme on a collection for Autumn 2015, I immediately considered a career as a chic Parisian drag queen.

And so, makeup fans, rejoice. The queen of Paris has finally unveiled her gorgeous new collection with the quintessentially French beauty brand. In a video using the products with makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, Maigret herself is the model testing out the palette, nail varnish, mascara and more from her collection.

Of course, this is no ordinary palette, oh no. This is a palette from the woman who epitomises Parisian chic; as such, it is subtle and refined, coming in the form of a modern clutch, and aims only to enhance the wearer’s natural beauty; ‘it’s you, but better!’. 

What makes her so intriguing is that you feel you genuinely see the person, rather than the facade of heavy illusionist makeup creates. This is the power of makeup done right, used to flourish a razor sharp cheekbone rather than paint thick streaks of contour onto one, blending until not a single pore remains standing. In my book, this is makeup to take example from. Kylie Jenner – take note…
Thomas Marrington


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