In Anna Dello Russo’s majestic yet tragically ignored satire of our time, Fashion Shower, amidst all the gold paving, turquoise accessories and raining stilettos is a line said with such conviction and authoritative demand that one feels compelled simply to sit back, stare and nod in humbled agreement. Of all the fashion rules stated during the song, number ? is clear as day; “You must wear outfit ONCE”.

Critically, this may well be the songs peak, the point of the mountain at which one simply has no choice but to stare down into the abyss and wonder, “well, this changes everything. Now how the fuck do I get down?”. We are so often told to obey this commandment apparently endorsed by the fashion hierarchy, yet it in fact entails the dedication of a full-time job, the patience of a saint and the bank balance of an oil sheik. Translation: borderline impossible.

So, my proposition – lets throw this bullshitty standard out the window. To be perfectly honest it’s not exactly a marvel, fashion has become a lot more democratic recently, losing the I-must-be-better-than-her ideology. We’re embracing the ‘less quantity, better quality’ mantra in our seemingly worldwide bid to become chicer, better people. Not that there isn’t a place for fast fashion of course, but that’s a different matter entirely.

In a perfectly magazine-glossy world, everyone would be unique and wear limitless exquisite clothes that never had to be repeater. But where’s the fun in that? Having a go-to outfit, something you feel your best self in, is as much a part of style as wearing lots of interesting things that show your different facets. 

Besides this, there’s the money factor; even for the rich, in today’s world a ‘one wear per look’ philosophy is expensive. For us mere mortals, it’s plain unthinkable. Even putting money aside, our outfits are a way for us to show the world our personalities and our style in an instant, no communication necessary. Never judge a book by its cover, but feel free to judge me by my shoes. And when you get that wonderful moment when a look simply works, all elements creating something above your own expectations, it’s a funny kind of magic.

So why should people only witness this once? What a waste! Get yourself out there and get your creation viewed by as many as possible – you owe it to them. In fact, not only are you helping your wallet, you’re doing a public service. Can you really argue with that?

– Thomas Marrington


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