Sweater – River Island, Turtleneck – Topman, Jeans – Hollister, Boots – H&M, Watch – Michael Kors

If there’s one thing you can count on in Scotland, it’s the weather. As in there’s a ton of it. Day to day you’ll experience all four seasons (in the summer at least) from torrential downpours giving way to warm, bright sunshine. It makes things interesting, if not a little impractical; trying to shoot on the loch, for example. Could I manage to get any photos down by the water? Not a chance.

When it rained, it RAINED – the only solution for which is to wrap up and stay in. I’ve had this knit since Spring and haven’t had a chance to wear it, so at least I can thank the downpour for that. The temperature being so changeable, layers are key, and no layer is better than the humble turtleneck. Paired with classic Hollister jeans and Chelsea boots, as we come into Autumn this is an outfit you can’t go wrong with.
– Thomas Marrington


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