A few days ago I wrote about why Balmain’s collaboration with Swedish high street giant H&M was so important for menswear; today the lookbook was released, and it totally proves my point. Forget drab, tired t-shirt and jeans ensembles boys, this is the standout collection to turn heads and prove your sartorial chops. The genius of it is that it genuinely doesn’t stray too far from comfort to be unlikeable. The classic shapes and styles remain, with an upped notch of opulence and streetwear to make it truly Balmain. Take for example, the classic black blazer, updated with gold epaulattes and wrist embroidery but staying stylish and classic enough to be timeless. I say timeless, however the entire look is completely of-the-moment. Streetwear makes a strong influence in sweatpant-like trousers, high tops and logo t-shirts. What’s on my list? The embroidered blazer for sure, as well as the embellished jacket and the military shirt. Here is my top five looks from the collection, but head over to GQ for the whole shebang.

– Thomas Marrington

6105_LB_204_nw8k7g 6105_LB_208_nw8ko0 6105_LB_210_nw8la9 6105_LB_214_nw8le5 6105_LB_218_nw8lj4


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