Nicolas Ghesquiere today unveiled his newest muse, Final Fantasy video game character Lightning, for Louis Vuitton’s SS16 campaign. In 2016, will flesh-and-bone models be old news?

Louis Vuitton’s creative director revealed the images via Instagram. Partnering with Square Enix, the creator of Final Fantasy, the designer hinted it will be the French fashion brand’s latest ad campaign. Whilst video games and Vogue don’t usually run in the same circles, you could soon be seeing the FF heroine staring up at you from the pages. Check out the images from Nicolas’ Instagram below.



What I find interesting is that using a virtual model has given Ghesquiere total freedom of expression for the campaign. A collection of pixels can be edited, enhanced and tinkered with however the artist desires. The fashion lover in me is excited and intrigued by the images, the teen video game nerd is secretly thrilled, but the cynic has niggling doubts. 

This is next level Photoshop; is fashion so idealistic that even our favourite models aren’t enough to fulfill our wistful desires? And will a flawless, impossibly proportioned virtual model become the new norm for our aspirations? Probably not, although the journalist in me can’t help but wonder. But for now at least, my inner 14 year old self is just going to continue to freak out about how awesome it is.
Tom xx


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