There are few shows on the LCM calendar that generate the excitement levels that Sibing achieves. Yesterday, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery held their first combined men’s and women’s show at the BFC showspace – “Wish You Were Here”.

Inspired by the poolside life of Miami and California, the show was a riotous, hyper-sexualised ode to bronzed, buff and blonde sun-worshippers. And buff they were; male models built like bodybuilders left little to the imagination in cropped knit sweaters and teeny speedo’s, with acid-drop zig zags in blue and pink against a bleached out background.

It’s Americana at its most blatant and unapologetic. Candy cane striped shirts, frill-edged white mesh dresses and (maybe the most wearable of the bunch) ribbed white trousers and vests only added to the laid back summer vibe of the show.

Baywatch-red shorts entered the mix with suggestively low cut v neck tennis dresses and what was essentially knitted swimwear – whilst it most likely won’t make it into stores, it sure is a riot to look at. Fun is the keyword of Sibling, and this season didn’t disappoint. Testament to this, two male models ‘dabbed’ on their final run through, whilst the entire model posse cheered and clapped at the end of the show before retreating into the wings.

– Thomas Marrington


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