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For Spring Summer 18, Phoebe English has kept consistent, sticking to what she does best. The collection, built out of the Phoebe English ethos, is created in all natural fibres. The loose utilitarianism of the clothes puts function ahead of the desire for outlandishness – cotton shirt dresses, with close necks and large front pouches, reflect that of a urban safari explorer.

Running throughout the small collection, earthy colours of stone, moss green and variational blues create a landscape inspired directly by nature. This has a calming effect; there is tranquility in simplicity, and Phoebe English has surely used this to her advantage.

In bringing things back to nature, the the focus on craftsmanship also comes to the forefront. The oversized external seaming provides an insight into a garment during its creation phase. Although not quite perfect in its end result, it functions as it should, with the care and work taken into creating it displayed for all to see.

Amping up the relaxed vibes are drawstring cotton bags with natural toned fibres, slung casually over shoulders. The natural grooming of the models, all fresh faced and mussed-hair, present a man with confidence in his sartorial choices, non-conforming whilst also standing out from the crowd.

It’s a small collection, intimate even, but it brings a focus to creation, which is important in our age of mass-production and endless consumption of fast fashion. It may not be revolutionary, but as always, English remains consistent.

– Thomas Marrington


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