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As the lights dimmed, a sombre tone overtook the BFC show space as Tourne de Transmission’s SS18 show, The Lies That Bind, begun with an operatic soundtrack. Influenced by the current state of world politics, in particular the re-appropriation of old manifestos being dredged up and re marketed to the public, TDT chose to comment on the lack of transparency in today’s political landscape.

Layers of transparent plastic covered the backs of classic beige trench coats, whilst fluorescent belt buckles held together otherwise sturdy overcoats and blazers at the sides, a fitting analogy for the weakness presented in the ‘strong and stable’ Conservative Party, particularly fitting with the results of the recent General Election.

Dystopian, respectable, streetwear; these things should not necessarily go together, and yet TDT made that happen. Skater lengths and louche tailoring were used heavily, menswear staple’s of the last few years which simply will not let up.

Few chosen models wore freshly done faux-tattoo’s blazoned across their throats, still violently sore-looking, complete with protective cling film. It was an interesting and noteworthy grooming choice for the show’s makeup artist, Verity Cummings, reflective of the youth in revolt vibes embedded throughout the show.

Whilst fairly simplistic in its execution, the designs follow standard streetwear codes, and will no doubt prove popular with the Hype Beasts sect of the fashion scene. Although they don’t stand out sartorially for their profoundness, what the clothes represent imbues them with a certain sense of youthful passion.

– Thomas Marrington

Images courtesy of Isabel Infantes/PA Wire


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